iPod and the work of God

Tonight a line of severe storms passed through the area. I found out by checking the online radar loop. It had already gone by me. I had several emergency emails – which I read after the storm had passed. It must have been a doozie. And I kinda like storms.
But I missed this one because I was in the basement. Actually, I missed it because while in the basement, riding on the trainer, I was listening to a podcast on cycling. It’s a fun hobby. But in this case, I got so close to my hobby/interest that I completely missed the big event that was happening around me.

Step back. There is a big event passing by us right now. It’s the work of God. It’s setting off emergency alarms all over the place. It’s way past being a doozie. But are we missing it? Am I? Do we get so close to our interests, pursuits, hobbies, etc. that we are literally deaf to what is going on? Do we only learn about the work of God by reading about it online?

Maybe we could at least take out one earbud.

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  1. LOL. You're so right we need to see make time/room for God & see the big picture. Just being with Him to simply love him & be loved, often leaves me healed, replenished, & empowered with a new clarity of vision. For the last few years, I've been working on downscaling all my "extracurriculars" (outside work activities) to simplify my life to make not just time, but mental space (via silence and solitude) so I can be with God and not just do for God or learn about God. When I eliminate the mental chatter, noise, and push aside some of the life clutter, I sometimes become more aware of when I'm running from God rather than embracing him and being empowered by him. I got to say, your message couldn’t be more timely. My goal this past week has been to connect with God, get the panoramic view/clarity vs. zooming in on details, which is my expertise.

  2. On that last question, I feel compelled to pick up on the caution of only of reading about the work of God online: I for one love God stories. Hearing about how God is working in real lives inspires me, even if I’m hearing those stories online. Now, I'm finding there are more interactive ways to connect with the real people behind the words. What's that line about "wise counsel" and does it include face to face friends only or a community of people from around the globe? The internet is making the world a smaller place and creating a backyard of real people as close as a keyboard. p.s. I love your blog title & the way you write & think!

  3. I like it Mark. Often times an important event has passed us by without us even realizing it – only upon reflection, be it a newspaper, photograph or even a blog, do we realize what we missed.

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