Shopping for God on Amazon

It’s June alright. The heat is on. School is out tomorrow. You can smell the sunscreen and hear the beach calling. And Father’s Day is this weekend. Father’s Day is often filled with memories…some good, and some not-so-good.  And in many families (like mine) there’s the dreaded challenge of figuring out what to get dad…Read more Shopping for God on Amazon

Did you remember that you have amnesia?

Last Sunday night at our Seneca Creek Family Fiesta (a.k.a. Annual Meeting) we heard a mash-up of stories from around Seneca Creek over the last year. There was the story of a high school student who discovered faith and life in Christ while facing her own struggles. There was the story of a mom sharing…Read more Did you remember that you have amnesia?

Revisiting the election from last fall

Last fall as the election loomed over our nation we launched a series called, “Vote for Jesus.”  It’s time to revisit that concept. While the series was preached in the context of a turbulent national election, it’s far from a seasonal idea. In fact, I would suggest it’s a central idea to what it means…Read more Revisiting the election from last fall

Who’s missing from your life?

Last weekend Nikki Lerner challenged us with three great questions, one of which was this: Who’s missing from your life? Specifically, as we build bridges into an increasingly multi-cultural world, and a very multi-cultural church, who is missing from YOUR life who could provide you with relationships and insights and understanding that go beyond your…Read more Who’s missing from your life?