You have five days left to decide

In five days from this post, the season known as Lent will begin.  It’s not a legalistic burden, but a life-giving opportunity.  Lent isn’t even about living without something, instead, it’s about experiencing the abundance God offers.  Why do we need Lent in our lives?  Because our typical lifestyle can stand in the way of authentic life.

  • Surrounded by noise, voices and information, we cannot hear the life-giving words of our Heavenly Father.
  • Driven by the incessant appetites within us, we can’t recognize the deep hunger we have for more of God himself.
  • Swept up in the endless demands for our time we can’t appreciate the rich life God is calling us to live in the present moment, even today.
  • Distracted by the infinite opportunities for amusement and entertainment, we can’t focus long enough to recognize the deep brokenness, loneliness and emptiness that lurks in the shadows of our soul.

This is why we need Lent.  It’s a time to turn off the noise, ignore the growling appetite, reclaim our precious time, and focus for a moment on what’s really important.

Starting next Wednesday, February 26th, you can take one or more steps toward experiencing the abundant life you were created for.

  • You might choose to drop certain types of food/beverage, and use the absence of that substance to direct your heart and mind toward God.
  • You may choose to drop entertainment (like social media or TV) and use that time to squeeze in conversations with God.
  • You could choose to drop conveniences and/or luxuries in order to squeeze God into those spaces.

As for me, I’ll be cutting out “road noise” (no music/radio in the truck), and TV time during the week.  This way I can listen to my Heavenly Father better, and focus on what he’s trying to do in my life.

And as in previous years, I’m encouraging our entire church to take a few minutes each day to read and reflect on God’s words to us.  There are many reading plans designed just for Lent. This year I’m using one called “Lent Through African Eyes,” based on the Africa Study Bible.  It’s available online, and thru the YouVersion Bible app on your smartphone.  If you do choose to make this a Lent practice, be sure to check out the Seneca Creek online Bible study Facebook group.

Lent begins next Wednesday, February 26th, which is Ash Wednesday.  You have five days to figure out what works for you.  Then begin to experience abundant life in a fresh way.

-Pastor Mark

P.S. If you weren’t able to join us last Sunday, we kicked off a new series called, “Finding Clarity in a Confusing World.”  It’s an exploration of the book of 1 Corinthians in the New Testament. If you’d like to read thru it, it’s only about a one hour read.

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