Carpet bombing with kindness

Last October we celebrated our 30th year at Seneca Creek by launching our Kindness Bomb campaign.  We plan to blanket our community with 30,000 kindness bombs over the course of 12 months.  Here’s what we know so far.

There are some kindness bombs going off.  And some of them actually register on the website.  Here are a few of the responses:

  • I was sitting in the parking lot and a sweet angel put a flower on my windshield. God bless you all
  • Thank you for the apples🙏💯💕
  • I was Kindness bombed today after a kind gentleman helped jump our car in the cold. I am generally a kind person regardless but I will make sure I do better.
  • My friend picked up my brother for me while I was about to die from a fever. I love her
  • I took a book from the library and among the pages there was one dollar bill. I know it’s not much but made me smile and I’m definitely passing it along.

What’s even more interesting is how this idea of kindness keeps showing up in the strangest places.

A study shows that kindness slows the aging process.

Performing small acts of kindness for as few as 7 days will make you happier.

Acts of kindness are contagious, increasing the likelihood that others will also act with kindness.

It can help little kids with their executive function.

It can bring sustainability to the workplace and combat workplace woes.

Kindness helps with peer acceptance among adolescents.

Parents who focus on kindness help their kids succeed.

And the list goes on.  It’s almost like Jesus knew what he was talking about when he called his followers to act this way.  Who knows, maybe if we push hard on this kindness bomb campaign, we’ll begin to transform our world with the HOPE of Christ.  Which is actually our vision as a church!  😊

Can I be honest?  I carry one of the cards with me, but rarely use it.  Of my 30 original cards, I’ve got about 25 left.  I’m committing to dropping at least two a week for the next five weeks.  And I’m inviting you to pick up those kindness bomb cards, and launch your own carpet bombing campaign.  Try to do at least two a week for the next five weeks.  It could be the most important resolution you make all year!

-Pastor Mark

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  1. Love this idea Pastor Mark! Happy New Year, was hoping to become a part of your Church however the Lord still has me in NYC.

    Just wanted to reach out to say what a blessing it is to still be connected through email. I enjoy your sermons and blogs. As I continue to work hard to inspire God’s people, your messages help nourish my weary spirit.

    God Bless you and the families of Seneca Creek.

    In Faith, Mayra Sanchez

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