Measuring in the church

What’s really important to measure in the spiritual realm? In the local church? Sometimes the answers are easy, but the implementation is not.
The following is a brief excerpt from a compelling 15 page report on this topic from Leadership Network.

“Today, people in our churches—and especially young people—want to devote their lives to a cause that’s bigger than themselves,” observes Ken Fong, pastor of Evergreen Baptist Church in Los Angeles, CA. Ken realizes the opportunity for pastors to enflame and direct the devotion of people in their churches, but also, he is aware of a significant change that needs to occur. He observes, “In our church, we’ve had to change what we measure. We no longer use size as our primary metric. Instead, we spend time and effort analyzing the compelling intangibles of the Spirit’s work: devotion, love, and obedience.” [italics added]
Kevin Doi, pastor of Epic Church in Fullerton, CA, suggests that the analysis of metrics needs to go back to the basics. “When we look at the Great Commandment to ‘make disciples,’ ” he reflects, “we need to ask if our time, energy and resources are being invested in the things Jesus values.” Kevin believes that the church must be evaluated on the metric of making committed, invested, serving disciples—and nothing less. “Every meeting we have, every plan we make, and every dollar we spend is analyzed by how well we invite people to develop a real relationship with Jesus and inspire them to live for him in their world.”

You can view the entire article here. I welcome your comments below.

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