The bridge of innovation and failure

Two Sundays ago we asked for ideas. During a message entitled, “Why Innovate” many of you were inspired to write down ideas of how we as a church could be more effective in the mission God has called us to. We received over 35 ideas! Some of you were even brave enough to write down ideas for yourselves! Some of the ideas for our church were:

  • Fulfill God’s will by preventing loneliness to those who have no family
  • Have services outside on the streets
  • Young person’s view- sermons and service- church
  • Reaching out to the homeless (once a month)
  • Live streaming the sermons…this way people can check out church at home then come in if they like
  • More diverse music – Latin Christian, contemporary. gospel (Fred Hammond for example)

Overall the ideas were very creative, and encouraging! Maybe you’ve been thinking about some innovative ideas for church. Why not click on the “comments” below and send us your ideas? We’ll look at them all, and try to figure out which ones we may be able to run with. Maybe they’ll work. Maybe not. But as we learned two weeks ago, “Innovation and failure form the bridge to the future.” I don’t know about you, but I want to be on that bridge!

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