The resolution solution

It seems like the problem is not that we make (and then neglect) resolutions, but rather that we don’t make enough resolutions. Once a year is too infrequent. Life doesn’t stand still for 12 months. I want to keep growing, changing, and pursuing the life God has called me to. So here’s some of my resolutions to get started with in January:

1. Ask five key questions at then end of each day:
• What did I procrastinate today?
• Whom did I encourage today?
• How did I lead others today?
• What am I proud of today?
• Where did God show up today?

2. Make a new resolution each month

3. Blog weekly

4. Become a better leader by asking more questions, evaluating more systematically, and trying more ideas

5. Quit using unkind words

What are some of your resolutions? Join the conversation by clicking on the word “comments” below this line, or try this link.

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