Seneca Creek is going online LIVE!

Yes, it’s happened again. The snow has fallen over the weekend and the county has opted to close the schools. But, we’ve got a plan that will allow us to still “meet” together. This Sunday at 11:00 a.m. we’ll broadcast our first-ever live webcast worship service. From the convenience of your own home you’ll be able to participate with everyone else simply by accessing the event through your computer. And yes, you can bring your bagels and coffee with you. 🙂 Here’s what you need to know.

On Sunday morning, go to our website and click on the main slide that will be counting down to our service time. We encourage you to “show up early” to look around. We’ll have the happenings online, as well as links to upcoming events and online giving, and even a connection card that you can fill out and submit via our website. Plan for an extra 10 minutes at least to get acclimated to the features. We’ll even have a chance for you to interact with others at Seneca Creek through live chat.

At this point we don’t know what the roads will be like on Sunday. But if they’re not too bad, and if you want to create a little community and participate in this event with others, we encourage you to gather with a couple other friends and enjoy the webcast together. If you’re in a small group you may want to try getting together. If you’re not in a group and wonder if any other Seneca Creek folks are in your area, why not visit our Facebook site and ask around. Just be cautious sharing confidential information. You may want to use the message function for specific info.

If you have friends who can’t go to their church because of the snow, invite them to join you online this Sunday at

So whether you’re by yourself, with family, or with a group, we’re looking forward to seeing you online this Sunday morning. And as always, we welcome your suggestions on how to make it even more helpful for you. See you on the webcast!

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