Lessons from "Losers"

I recently watched an episode of the popular TV series, “Biggest Loser.” And I’m beginning to understand why it’s so popular. Here’s what jumped out at me as I watched:

  • These people are honest about their struggles.
  • Their lives are actually changing.
  • They depend on their team to help them.
  • They take seriously the impact they have on the rest of the team.
  • They don’t want anyone to have to “lose,” (a.k.a. leave the show) even those whom they don’t like
  • They’re all experiencing hope.

We’re attracted to these things. What’s more, this is a GREAT picture of what the church could be. Think about it:

  • Honesty about struggles
  • Genuine life change
  • Depending on one another
  • Accountability to the team
  • Desiring to see everyone “win” even through conflict
  • Experiencing HOPE.

How many of these are present in your church? Or your life? Personally, I’m about 4 out of 6. I’d love it if you could share your thoughts, ideas and experiences in this area. Just click on the “comments” section below this note.

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