Crazy summer reading program

School’s out and summer’s here! And with summer comes all kinds of opportunities to go places and do things. So as you make your summer plans, I’d encourage you to adopt a “summer reading program” which is unlike any you’ve tried before. There are no paperback books or bestsellers. In fact, there’s no reading required on your part! Here’s how it works.

Your life is a story…it’s the story of what God is doing in your life. And your “story” is being read by those around you. So during your summer travels, remember that WHEREVER you are, SOMEONE is engaged in a summer reading plan, and YOU’RE the story that they’re reading! What does that story look like? Is it an interesting display of the Author’s masterful work?

And if you’re wondering whether it’s important, or worthwhile to make Sunday worship gathering a part of your weekend, remember this: People walk through the door each Sunday morning looking for good “reading material.” They’re looking to see if God is writing a story they can believe in. A story they can relate to. A story that will inspire or encourage them. A story of hope. So by simply showing up and letting God direct your conversations on Sunday morning, you could be part of someone else’s life-changing “summer reading program.” Never underestimate the power of a story.

What’s your story? Let someone else read it this week.

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