A Modern Day Rescue Story

As I write this, the 33 Chilean miners are being brought to the surface. The news outlets are at a fever pitch to show the rescue – and the reunion – of these courageous men who’ve been trapped for over two months. International resources and ingenuity have flowed nonstop into the amazing effort to bring back the 33 men who were once feared lost. More after the jump…


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I cannot fathom what those men must have endured. First, the initial terrifying weeks of waiting and wondering. Would they be found? Or would they perish in the mine? Then, the news that their rescue would take months. And how about the families on the surface? What must it have been like for them? Watching their faces, their anticipation prior to the reunion is beyond description. Their loved ones who were once feared lost have been found!
But their story reminds me of our story. Because many years earlier, someone else poured nonstop resources and ingenuity into a rescue plan. And the people who were trapped with no way to save themselves…well, that would be me. And you. Listen to Jesus’ own comments:

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost. (Luke 19:10)

Jesus embarked on the most incredible rescue mission in the history of mankind. And he was looking for you and me. Honestly, I don’t want to think of myself as lost. Neither do you. It’s not very flattering. But can you imagine if, when the rescue pod opened in the mine, some of the miners said, “No thanks…we’re not lost.” We’d say, “You’re not dealing with reality, friend.” Similarly, every man, woman, and child is lost from God’s perspective. Jesus’ life and mission are stark testimony to that fact. He shows up and says, “You’ve been trapped in a broken world of sin. I’m here to set you free. Follow me.”

The picture Jesus paints is that our Heavenly Father is waiting at the top of the mine shaft. And when we’re lifted to freedom by faith in the person and work of Jesus, the celebration is beyond description! At last, those who were lost have been found!

When it was discovered that the miners were alive and needed rescue, everyone determined to do whatever it took to bring them to the surface. Followers of Jesus know that all around us are people who are lost from God’s family. What are you willing to do to help re-unite them to their heavenly Father? How many days will it be until they’re brought to the surface? What will you do to bring them to the rescue pod which is Jesus Christ?

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