The Invisible Church

Last Saturday was our Mega Block Party! The weather was chilly, but the people were warm and welcoming! We welcomed people from our surrounding community to a free afternoon of food, games, entertainment, and friendship! Thanks to each of you who came out to serve, or just to participate. 
As we started talking with people, we started hearing a very troubling question over and over.  That question was, “So where does your church meet on Sundays?” WOW! We’ve been meeting for three months every week, and yet we’re virtually invisible. Since we believe that the message of Jesus Christ is the message of HOPE that people are looking for, we’ve got a problem.
One way we’re addressing this problem is to get a better sign that’s visible for people walking and driving by.
But the second way we can address this is if all of us live our lives as though the building was invisible. Imagine that the only way someone will find our meeting location is if you tell them. In effect, you and I become the signs, clearly pointing people to our weekend gatherings where they come to know the God who loves them.
So I encourage you to join me in praying for chances to tell others about what you’re experiencing at Seneca Creek. Here’s some interesting data:
  • 82% of Americans say they would be likely to attend a church if they were invited
  • 2% of church members invite an non-church person to attend in a given year (meaning 98% do not invite anyone)
Let’s do something about that, shall we? And since Easter is a natural time to visit a church, please pray specifically for opportunities to hand out the Easter invites that we’re making available every Sunday.  Or, you can click here and go to the online invitation/information. 
Together, by our actions and our invitations, we can make the invisible church VERY visible!

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