How do you use your super powers?

I used to think it would cool to be one of the Fantastic Four (from the comic books…long before the movie).  They could do almost anything with their incredible power!  To be more specific, I wanted to be Mr. Fantastic, with all those stretching powers.  What about you?  What super powers would YOU like to have?  Do you know what the most desired super powers are?

A recent survey revealed a tie for first place.  The most desired super powers were: Traveling through time, and reading minds.  (Sorry, Mr. Fantastic.)  In next week’s post I’ll give you step by step instructions on how to accomplish both of those!  Or…maybe I won’t. You’ll have to wait and see.  
Turns out, though, you won’t have to wait until next week to discover your super power.  You already have it.  Surprised?  Maybe you’ve been reading along with us this month in the book of Proverbs.  (See this site for the thoughts and insights of many of your fellow Seneca Creek family.)  We’ve encouraged everyone to read one chapter a day, since there are 31 chapters, and 31 days in August. It’s a great way to get wisdom.  And if you read chapter 10 yesterday, you’d have seen things like:
  • The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life
  • Wisdom is found on the lips of the discerning
  • The mouth of a fool invites ruin
  • Whoever spreads slander is a fool
  • He who holds his tongue is wise
  • The tongue of the righteous is choice silver
  • The lips of the righteous nourish many
  • The mouth of the righteous brings forth wisdom
What’s the super power here?  You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to figure this one out.  You could probably do it without your first cup of coffee!  The super power that you and I have is right under our noses.  Literally.  With our mouth we can accomplish wonderful, powerful things.  We can restore life, hope, and wealth.  Or, we can bring ruin, devastation, and poverty.  If that’s not a super power, I’m not sure what is.
So the question is simple.  How do you use your super power?  I know I’m rethinking how I use mine after reading Proverbs 10!
-Pastor Mark

P.S. Would you have picked one of the two super powers that tied for first?  Feel free to list your favorite super power in the comment box below. 

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