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In the last three weeks we’ve had three different, dynamic people speak on Sunday mornings: Harold Hall, Mark Stephens, and Dr. Wayne Evans.  Three powerful messages from three different voices.  (Click here to listen to any of these messages you may have missed.)  Now, I’d like you to add YOUR voice.  Specifically, I’d like your ideas for future guest speakers.  

Who would you like to hear from in the coming year as we consider our teaching line-up?  Whose voice would help you in your journey of following Christ?  Maybe it’s someone we’ve just recently heard from.  Maybe it’s someone we’ve NEVER heard from.  This is your chance to make your voice heard!  You can hit reply to the email, or you can add your comments (anonymously) in the comment box below. 

Many of you have been spending the month of August in the book of Proverbs with us, reading one chapter each day.  You may want to check out the comments of some of your fellow Seneca Creek family at this site. I know I’ve had some great insights through this powerful book.  For example, Proverbs 19:11.  (You’ll have to look it up!)  And this Sunday we’ll wrap up our teaching series from Proverbs with a message called, “One Simple Step to Becoming Wise.”  I hope can join us then. 
Finally, thanks to the 100 or so people who came out last Friday night for “Pursue: Worship Night.”  It was a rich, powerful time of worshipping together as a church.  There’s more to come in the next year. 
-Pastor Mark

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  1. I'd like a student ministry Sunday. Lets hear and see what impact the next generation is making now.

  2. I'd love to hear Ms. Diane speak. She is such a powerful prayer warrior and woman of God. I am always inspired when I speak with her. Sadly, I do not remember her last name (and I'm sure there is more than one Diane at SCCC). She is one of the ESOL teachers and is an active member of SCCC. It'll also be cool to hear from one of the young'ns from SCC (low 20s maybe?) to hear more about walking with Christ at this young age. It'll ALSO be cool to have a series of church members share their testimonies with the church.

  3. These are some great ideas! Keep 'em coming. As for hearing testimonies, make SURE you're here on September 18th. We have almost 30 people getting baptized, and the stories will rock your world!!

  4. Dave Hawley

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