What’s so great about serving?

For weeks now you’ve heard me challenge/nag/encourage/beg you to get involved in Ignite Week. “Where will you serve?” asks the banner. But if someone asked you what’s so great about serving, what would you say? Honestly. Would it be one of these top five answers?

1. Because you’ll feel good about yourself when you help someone in need
2. Because if you don’t, we’ll never hit our goal of 1,000 people serving
3. Because it will help get your mind off your own problems
4. Because you can donate your SSL hours to your high school student, ensuring they’ll be able to graduate and move out of your house (you can’t really do this…sorry)
5. Because Mark/Jeannette/Harold will stop asking you to sign up and serve

All of these are good answers (well, maybe #4 isn’t so good). But may I offer a better answer? Because serving actually leads to greatness. Yes, greatness. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to Jesus:

Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant. (Mark 10:43)

Here’s why. God serves us. He serves you. Jesus came to serve. Serving is part of God’s nature. And when you serve, you momentarily look a little bit like God. You reflect the image of our great God. His greatness is seen in you.

THAT’S what’s so great about serving! And some of you are learning that for the first time this week. You’re serving, and God’s light is shining through you into this dark world.

I hope you’ll share your stories of Ignite Week on our web site. And then please join us this Sunday as we celebrate the greatness of the God we serve, and share our stories of how he’s working through our serving! It will be an inspiring morning. See you then.

-Pastor Mark

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