5 Ways You Can Be an Everyday Hero

There’s a book printed recently entitled, “You Are Not So Smart.”  It’s about the things we think we know, but which actually turn out not to be true.  Turns out, I’m not so smart.

It would be awesome if I just sat in a room and came up with all kinds of brilliant ideas.  Maybe some people do that.  Maybe you think I do that.  I don’t.  Instead, I scour the world, trying to learn things that make a difference, then include them in my life, my leadership, and my writing.

So just like Toto pulling back the green curtain in the Wizard of Oz, I’d like to pull back the green curtain on one of the most helpful writers I follow: Michael Hyatt.  I’d like to say Michael is a “guest writer” for my blog.  But really, I’m just copying a link to a recent article he wrote.  I think it’s worth sharing with you.  Click here, or on the URL below to read his article.  The video is also on his site.


I hope you find inspiration and encouragement from this article.  I hope it spurs you to become an everyday hero.  And I hope you can join us this weekend for a PowerHouse presentation, “Diary of a Not-S0-Wimpy Christmas.”  See you then!

-Pastor Mark

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