When God acts like your mom

As I write this letter I’m working on my Mother’s Day gift for my mom.  Maybe your mom is one of those who says, “I just want a nice dinner with all my kids for Mother’s Day.”  I’ll tell you what I’m getting for my mom, but please don’t think I’m weird…

I’m burning CD’s of sermons that I’ve preached so I can send them as a Mother’s Day gift.  And the reason is this: it’s what my mom has specifically ASKED for time after time.  As my Dad has said, “You know your mom only wants one thing for Christmas/birthday/Mothers Day.”  Really.  I’m not making this up!

Now I realize that YOUR mom probably has no interest in my preaching/teaching CD’s for a gift.  (If she does, your Mother’s Day shopping just got a WHOLE lot easier!)  But my mom does.  I think it’s because she enjoys listening to her son.  She gets to reflect on where my life has ended up, knowing that she played a crucial role in launching me into the world.  She’s got a vested interest in me.

God is a lot like that.  He’s got a vested interest in you.  Yes, you!  He played a crucial role in launching you into the world.  And believe it or not, he wants to follow along with your life.  He cares about how you’re doing.  About the projects you’ve accomplished, the lessons you’ve learned, the painful parts of your journey, and the joyful victories along the way.

The writer of Psalm 121 puts it like this:

He will not let you stumble; the one who watches over you will not slumber.  Indeed, he who watches over Israel never slumbers or sleeps.  The Lord himself watches over you!

God is watching you…because he has an incredible interest in you.  You may not need to burn him a CD.  But maybe take some time today to hang out.  Over a cup of coffee.  A quiet walk.  A few minutes of chatting over something he’s said already in the Bible.  Let this Mother’s Day be a reminder that there’s someone with an even greater interest in your life than your own mom.

But you may still want to pick up a nice gift for Mom, just in case.

-Pastor Mark

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