All trailers, no movies

Last Saturday I joined a team from Seneca Creek to go door-to-door in a local trailer park.  We invited residents to our Neighbors4Neighbors program.  It was an eye-opening experience.  And yes, there actually is a trailer park in our community!

I realize that the closest many of us ever get to a trailer is at the movie theater.  But what we observed was not a movie.  It was very real.  What we observed were a lot of people who are living on the margins, and whose needs have a tendency to eclipse their resources.  We observed people working hard and trying to provide, but often without the resources, opportunities, skills, or language needed to move out of the margins.

It’s easy to drive right past the trailers, all 200 of them, and not even know they’re there.  Needs are often like that.  They don’t always stand in the middle of the road.  Often, they conceal themselves.  And we can’t see them…until we look.

As we move toward Ignite Weekend, we WILL be mobilizing teams to serve in the trailer park.  But could I ask a question?  Are there hidden needs that you drive past every day?  If you took a moment to look, would you see a “trailer park” that conceals itself just a little bit?

  • Maybe it’s the shut-in neighbor who doesn’t want to bother anyone.
  • Maybe it’s the single parent who has no time to maintain their home or yard.
  • Maybe it’s the co-worker whose special needs child leaves her with zero time for herself.
  • Maybe it’s the cancer victim who lacks the strength to clean their home.
  • Maybe it’s the immigrant who cleans your office and has to choose between medical care and groceries.
  • Maybe it’s the volunteer at the local shelter who needs a break.

Would you join me and hundreds of others at Seneca Creek during Ignite Weekend (Oct 26-28) and commit to serving someone in the name of Christ?  Check out our project list online.  Or lead your own project. You know, that one that God keeps nudging you about.  But join us.  Serve.  Take the light of Christ into a dark corner in this community.  And help us ignite HOPE!

-Pastor Mark

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