Help me write a better blog in 2013


Over the course of a year I write at least 50 blog posts like this.  If you’re honest, some of them are more helpful to you than others, right?  What if you could help make more of them helpful?  Well now you can!

I’d like to ask you for your best ideas on what topics would be helpful for you in this space.  Do you need more encouragement, resources, inspiration, information, etc.  Would you like more links to other sites, more personal stories from Seneca Creek, more Bible background info, or more videos of cats?  What areas are a challenge for you as you live out your faith from Monday to Saturday?

This is your chance to help me in the coming year.  The point of this blog is to help all of us in the journey of integrating our faith with our real life.  So if you would be willing to offer your suggestions, I’ll do my very best to use them in the coming year.  And together we’ll become a better version of who God made us to be!

Simply use the comment section below to add your ideas.  You can do so anonymously, or better yet, add your name.

Thank you for a great year…and thank you for your ideas on how we can make next year even better!

-Pastor Mark

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  1. how did you know you were in love? When was it you discovered you wanted to spend your life with the woman you are spending your life with?

  2. I look forward to your blog. It often gives my week a new focus. I like the new column format, where zooming makes the column wider as well as enlarging the font. A blessing for my old eyes. I used to get 2 or 3 words per line in a 3″ column with 6″ margins L&R.
    What about some columns that explore “Context is King”? Looking at verses that are easily misunderstood unless the larger context is taken into proper account. For example, the Jewish people who listened to Jesus *always* evaluated what he said in a Messianic sense, whether believing or rejecting. Christians often forget that.
    For another, America in the 21st century may be the most culturally diverse nation in the history of the world. For most of world history, nation and culture-group were nearly synonymous. Maybe Matt 24:7 is about racism?, etc.
    Context spirals out to encompass the entire Bible text.

  3. Perhaps an occasional reminder of how we stand on the shoulders of our predecessor Christian brothers and sisters…

    Some of our “modern” Christian predecessors (e.g., Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, of “The Sovereignty and Goodness of God”; Rebecca Protten, of “Rebecca’s Revival: Creating Black Christianity in the Atlantic World”) can serve as real world inspirations to many, and reminders of how much we have benefited today from their personal walk with the Lord.

    Mary (1600’s) and Rebecca (1700’s) can give one something to think about…

  4. Variety is the spice of life! Would I sound greedy if I said I want it all? I need encouragement, I love learning new things (resources and information), I’m inspired by others’ personal stories, and I could always use more Bible background… (I will skip on the cat videos, lol). SO, I don’t know if this helps you at all, but whatever you choose, I look forward to your 2013 blog!

  5. Hi Mark. I love your blog (so does my mom who lives in New Jersey)! I think I could really benefit from your input on being an effective believer in the workplace and on the science and archeology behind the Bible. Thanks for all you do!

  6. I find the postings on point and inspirational.

    Asking us humans what we need is an ironic question. Often I find your words to be exactly what God is trying to tell me yet I refuse to listen.

    Please keep taking your guidance and lead from your time with God.

    My personal wishes and desires pale here.

  7. I find the stories of how God is working in our church to be very inspirational.

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