Calculating your wisdom number

What’s your wisdom number?  Mine is 12,775.  That’s a VERY optimistic view!  Your number may be higher.  It may be lower.  Much lower.  Here’s how to calculate yours.

  1. Estimate the age at which you think you’ll die.
  2. Subtract your current age from that number.  (the difference will be your years left until expiration)
  3. Multiply the remaining number by 365 (days per year).  The result is your “wisdom number.”

Here’s why I call it that.  Moses wrote an interesting psalm (Psalm 90) in which he prays that God would teach us to number our heart so we could gain a heart of wisdom.

Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  Psalm 90:12

In other words, if you know how many days you have left it’s easier to use them wisely.

Let me suggest that once you figure out your wisdom number you spend part of your wisdom on joining us in the Big Read.  It’s a project we’re working on together as a church for 40 days.  When you do, you’ll develop a habit that is hands-down the most effective way to help you grow from the person you currently are into the person you were designed to be.  (Check out last week’s podcast if you missed it.)  By reading and reflecting on Scripture you’ll position yourself to take the next step from “You 1.0”, to “You 2.0.”  And that’s a very wise thing to do.

Join us this weekend as we continue in our journey together in the Big Read.  And be sure to share how it’s helping you grow.  You can do that in your Converge Group, on your Connection Card, or in the comment section below.

-Pastor Mark

P.S. I apologize that we ran out of Big Read notebooks last Sunday.  We’ll have more this Sunday.

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