The invitation that saved a marriage

life-preserver 2

“I still remember the first Sunday we came to Seneca Creek.”  I listened as this couple described their first impressions.  Then what they said next caught me off guard.  “We would not be married today if it weren’t for Seneca Creek.”  They didn’t provide gory details, just the frank realization that if they hadn’t had the teaching, the encouragement, and the relationships of this church, their marriage would have ended like so many others.  And it all started with an invitation.

I thought about the legacy of our church.  And I realized that in the coming years, we will likely hear the same kind of stories.  Just like this couple, they’ll talk about how they first heard…how they considered the invitation…and how they eventually decided to give it a try.

Did you realize that over 80% of people in this country say they would consider attending a church service if they were invited by a friend?  Translation: You have a four out of five chance of helping change someone’s life forever simply by inviting them to Seneca Creek.

Easter is one of the two most likely times for people to consider attending church.  So as we approach Easter, would you prayerfully consider who you could invite this year?  We’ll provide you with printed invitations in the coming weeks.  And years from now, someone could talk about the invitation that changed their life.  Your invitation.

-Pastor Mark

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