A big ol’ piece of ____ pie

Humble pie

I’ve often thought about starting a recovery ministry for people recovering from church.  The horror stories I hear often mash my anger button. Those stories range from cold, harsh legalistic churches to pastors who abuse their authority or indulge their appetites.  “How could a church or church leader ever DO something like that?” is often my thought.  Recently I found out how.  And in the process was served a great big ol’ piece of humble pie.

When we hire staff we often sort through hundreds of resumes.  I’m committed to giving people prompt, courteous replies so they’re not left wondering “am I still a candidate?”  The last thing I want to do is leave someone in the dark on our decisions.  To me, that’s unprofessional, rude, and definitely not very Christlike or loving.

So imagine my surprise when I recently learned that I had done exactly what I’m so strongly opposed to.  I’d failed to notify someone who had submitted a resume and sat through an interview.  To make it worse, it happened almost a year ago.  That’s a long time to wonder “why didn’t Pastor Mark ever get back in touch with me?”  There was only one thing for me to do: pick up the phone and apologize.

The person I called was very gracious.  But I still had to own up to my failure.  The hardest, most humbling part was that I had done the very thing I’d looked down on others for doing.  I’d given one more person a good reason to join a “church recovery” ministry.

I have a severe allergy to the taste of humble pie.  But I had to eat the whole piece of it.  But humble pie can actually be good for us.  God reminded me that I still have some growing to do.

  • I still need to be more gracious toward those about whom I know very little.
  • I still need to be more attentive to the important relationship details around me.
  • And I still to begin each day with the deep awareness of God’s grace and mercy to me.

What about you?  Has your diet included any humble pie recently?  Has it helped you grow?

-Pastor Mark

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  1. This is just one of the reasons that I love this church: at the helm is a man who is not only willing to eat humble pie, but he’s willing to share with the flock that he makes mistakes. How refreshing and how encouraging for those of us who call SCCC our church home!

  2. No pastor is perfect. Pastors needs accountability as much as the rest of us do.

  3. great stuff to reconcile with our behavior.

  4. My experience is that humble pie is best when it is fresh. But I still dislike it, almost as much as poppy seed cake.

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