What was unleashed last week?

Last weekend many of you generously and sacrificially committed to Unleashing what God can do through you. We celebrated what God has done, and what he’s going to do. And we offered our faith commitments, believing that as a Christ-centered community, we could come together and accomplish that which would be impossible by ourselves. Here’s what we know to this point.

We received 242 faith commitment cards. I want to thank each of you who responded to what God is speaking into your life at this time. It may have been a baby step, or it may have been a giant leap of faith. But you stepped out, and you’ve begun to unleash what God can do through you! Thank you for your courageous participation.

Out of the 240 cards…

  • 165 cards included a commitment to living a Spirit-empowered, purposeful life through at least one of the suggested actions steps.
  • 165 cards included a commitment to igniting a movement of the gospel through at least one of the suggested actions steps.
  • 179 cards included a financial commitment. The total of the financial commitments to date is: $838,511.36!!!

We’ll be sure to offer you encouragement and opportunities in the coming months to help you stay focused on your faith commitment. You’ll be able to track your progress through CPO, our online community, if you so choose. You’ll also be able to monitor our progress toward the $1.2M facility project at our Unleash website, www.churchunleash.com

If you were not able to bring your faith commitment card last weekend, it’s not too late! I’d like to strongly encourage everyone who is part of Seneca Creek to participate at some level. You can bring your card this week and drop in in one of the designated boxes in the auditorium. Or, you can put it in the offering bag when it goes by. Or you can fill in a commitment card online by clicking here.  Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of what God is going to unleash in and through our church. As you can tell, there’s room for you to step in and make a difference.

So the journey has begun, and I’m absolutely thrilled about where we are, and where we’re going. God has great things in store for each of us as we follow him into the future. As I mentioned last weekend, let’s all grab the rope, and pull. We can do this…together.

-Pastor Mark

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