How to sound really wise

Ever find yourself in a difficult situation, perhaps a difficult relationship, and don’t know how to resolve things?  In that moment, what you need is wisdom, right?  So how do we find it, and share it?

Last weekend we looked at the topic of Upgrading Your Friendships.  And along the way, we discovered a way to inject wisdom in our friendships.  As we walked through the Friendship Scorecard (see below), one area mentioned was to “speak Scripture to one another.”  It’s based on a comment in Colossians 3:16:

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and song from the Spirit…

Wisdom is found in the word of Christ…the message found in Scripture.  And when that word dwells in us, and then flows out of us, there’s wisdom.  We can “teach and admonish” with wisdom and truth.

I recently had a conversation with someone struggling with a difficult conversation they needed to have, and we agreed that sharing God’s wisdom would be a crucial part of the strategy going forward.

The great part is that you don’t have to be a Bible scholar to do this.  You simply have to “let the word of Christ dwell in you.”  (For simple steps on how to do that, check out the message from February 1-2, 2014 here.)

Then you’ll not only be able to SOUND wise, you’ll actually BE wise, because that’s what happens when God’s word begins to seep into our lives.

Is there anyone in your life who speaks God’s word/truth into your life?  Is there anyone in your life that needs to hear God’s word/truth spoken THROUGH you?  (BTW, this is not to be confused with judging, condemning, shaming, or any other use of God’s truth in a relationship.)

-Pastor Mark

Friendship Scorecard: How many of the following are true of your friendships (based on “one another” instructions in the New Testament)?

  • Encourage
  • Forgive
  • Bear burdens
  • Live in harmony with
  • Serve
  • Greet & welcome
  • Care for
  • Comfort
  • Bear with
  • Be kind to
  • Speak Scripture to
  • Teach & admonish
  • Do good to
  • Exhort
  • Stir toward good deeds
  • Confess sins to
  • Show hospitality
  • Submit to

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  1. That is important to know.. trying to have friendships, with men especially, is difficult for me. Friendships are vital for my life and I get extremely disappointed when my friends are not honest about things they know would hurt me. I lash out in anger – which is something i am continually working on – and lashing out, I know, hurts not only me, but the friend I love. I feel betrayed when my friends aren’t honest with me.. Relationships take work – but only God can heal those “burnt bridges.”

  2. Hey Pastor Mark,
    The Upgrade Series has been outstanding,
    David Robinson

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