The cool things we sometimes miss


Some of the coolest things take place right under our noses…and we don’t even know about them.  Last Saturday was one of those things.

I was invited to attend the awards ceremony for the Seneca Creek ESOL program that meets every Saturday.  I was blown away!  I watched as 40 or more people walked across the platform to receive their award.  They were being recognized for their accomplishments in the grueling task of learning another language.  Specifically, my language.  Your language.  And most of us never knew this was happening.

These determined adults beamed with pride as they were recognized.  They are hard-working people, often struggling just to make ends meet for their families.  Yet they were determined to learn a skill that would enable them to better function in our nation.

I was so proud of our team of volunteers who give up their time every Saturday morning to make all this possible.  What a rewarding experience for them!  It was a perfect example of what happens when a group of followers of Christ decide to live out their faith.  When people decide to ignite the HOPE of the gospel.  In particular, when people decide to “empower others” which is our phrase for equipping people to experience the good things God has in store for them.

So thank you to Yvonne Ellis and her fabulous volunteer team.  And congratulations to all those who have persevered in learning another language.  And thank you to each of you at Seneca Creek who serve in so many ways that allow us to provide this kind of life-changing ministry.  I have to believe this puts a smile on the face of God.  You gotta love this place!

-Pastor Mark

P.S. I invite you to join us this Sunday as we kick off a brand new summer series, “Beyond Myself.”  It’s only the best way to live!



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