What were you doing in 1989?

I’m not sure those were ever in style.

Probably watching the Cosby show

Probably watching the Cosby show






I keep stumbling across the acronym, “TBT,” which stands for “throw-back-Thursday.”  So I thought it would be fun to play a little TBT here on the blog.  Here’s what I was doing (yes, with pictures) in September of 1989.

I was part of a church-planting duo that helped to start Seneca Creek.  I spent my time:

  • visiting other churches in the Germantown area
  • contacting musicians who we could pay (coerce?) to come and help us when we got started
  • purchasing some very cheap, very basic sound equipment, about which I knew precious little
  • using my Atari computer and Korg M1 keyboard to build soundtracks that we would use as the “live band” when we launched on October 15th
  • searching for an affordable second vehicle for our family, which could double as an equipment hauling vehicle on Sundays
  • wondering what in the world I’d gotten myself into
  • getting lost driving in DC as a rookie sight-seer/tour guide
Got my coffee, got my awesome shorts.

Got my coffee, got my awesome shorts.

The van was ugly, but it hauled a lot of church stuff.

The van was ugly, but it hauled a lot of church stuff.

Talk about throw-back-Thursday, right?  Now it’s your turn.  Maybe it’s a throw-back of 20-plus years.  Maybe it’s a throw-back of just a few months or weeks.  But sometime in the last 25 years your journey has brought you to Seneca Creek.  We’d REALLY love to hear your story.

We’d love it if you could take a few minutes and let us know how you came to Seneca Creek, and what God has done in your life since that time.  Your story is important for us as we approach our 25 year celebration next month.  You can either record your story below, for all to see, enter it on our Unleash story site, or you can send it via email to info@senecacreek.org.

Then I invite you to join us this weekend as we kick off a brand-new series, “More!”  We’ll discover how to get more of the things we really want and need into our lives.  Starting with more of God himself.

-Pastor Mark

P.S. Saturday Gatherings are back, starting this week, September 6th!  If you have conflicts on Sunday, be sure to join us Saturdays at 6 pm for the same great experience!


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