How would you celebrate a big milestone?

Birthday Cake

During my time in the Marine Corps I experienced some celebrations.  Every year, on November 10th, the Marines have a “Birthday Ball” and celebrate the founding of the Corps in 1775.  They celebrate in a very “Marine Corps” kind of style.

Suffice it to say, there were plenty of adult beverages being consumed, and quite a bit of bizarre behavior taking place.  It’s such a huge celebration that many units take the next day off, since so many of their people are not in good working condition.  I know that doesn’t surprise anyone who’s familiar with Marine Corps life or tradition.  It’s kinda their way.

Seneca Creek is also coming up on a birthday/anniversary.  And we want to celebrate in a very “Seneca Creek” kind of style.  Our style is very focused on our mission as a church, on igniting the HOPE of Christ in our lives, our church, and our community.  So last weekend we introduced our “Celebration Challenge.”  Over the next year, we’re challenging each person who’s part of Seneca Creek to do four things:

  • Pray regularly (on the 25th of each month we’ll have an Unleash Prayer event)
  • Memorize the Word (we’ll work together to memorize 25 verses over the next 12 months)
  • Move forward (make a plan and take the next steps in your spiritual growth)
  • Give generously (we all have resources such as time, talent, and treasure which we have been blessed with)

Those four things, done on a church wide basis, will unleash God’s power in your life, your church, and your community.

If you missed last weekend’s gatherings, please check out the details on the podcast.  And be sure to pick up an Unleash magazine the next time you’re at 13 Firstfield.  Then plan to join us on the weekend of October 18/19 as we share the stories of God’s faithfulness to us over the last quarter century.

-Pastor Mark

P.S. If you want regular updates on our Celebration Challenge events, simply text SCCC25 to 38470.

P.P.S. If you have your own story to share, please take a few minutes now to do that here.








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