The clock is ticking on your decision

countdown clock

In ten days you’re going to face a decision that could impact a lot of people, starting with you.

It’s the Celebration Challenge.  As Seneca Creek marks our 25 year anniversary, we’re challenging our entire church to four areas of action over the next year.

  1. Pray Regularly
  2. Memorize the Word
  3. Move Forward
  4. Give Generously

We shared these four ideas, and their significance a few weekends ago.  (Details here.)  We’ll explain them again in the next two weekends.  But on October 18/19, during our Celebration Weekend gatherings, we’ll ask each of you to consider making a commitment to these four actions.  In preparation for that event, would you please prayerfully consider your involvement?

  • Consider the impact of unleashing the power of prayer into your life, your challenges, your friendships, and more.
  • Consider the impact of having God’s Word at your fingertips in those crunch times of decisions, temptations, frustrations, etc.
  • Consider the impact of taking the next step in your faith journey, maybe that step you’ve known you always wanted to take.
  • Consider the impact of unleashing Christlike generosity with your time, your talents, and your treasures.

I can’t make you decide to join us.  But I can challenge you to join us.  Because only when you do will we be able to have the impact our church is designed to have.  (Remember, you’re not here by accident.)  Your decision will affect more than just you.  It will affect everyone in our community.  When our church begins to grow in these four areas, everything changes.

So please, take a few moments today—and tomorrow—and use this prayer:

“God, show me how I can best participate in the Celebration Challenge.  For your sake.  For my sake.  For the sake of your church and your world.”

And let me say thank you for doing that.  Know that I’m praying with you on this.

-Pastor Mark

P.S. – Guys, don’t forget to join us this Saturday at 8 am for breakfast and the kickoff of our series, “Restoring Manhood.”  Topic – How to act like a man.



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