You can’t handle the truth


One of my observations is that we often don’t want someone to tell us the truth.

You know, the truth about…

  • How we’re spending our time.
  • How we’re using our words.
  • How we’re ignoring our problems.
  • How we’re abusing our bodies.
  • How we’re neglecting our souls.
  • How we’re fooling ourselves.
  • How we’re sabotaging our marriages.
  • How we’re squandering our money.
  • And so on…

What if you could receive the truth—wrapped in grace and mercy—from someone you trusted?

Jesus’ plan is that his church, his “body,” would care for one another…encourage, bear burdens, love, forgive, etc.  But for that to happen, we have to let the truth in.

When was the last time you let someone who really knows you speak God’s truth into your life?  Better still, when was the last time you ASKED that person to speak into your life?  Is there anyone like that in your life?

Maybe part of what we need to consider for Lent is to open our life to God’s truth…as revealed through his church.

Can you handle the truth?  WILL you handle the truth?

-Pastor Mark

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