ICYMI, your beliefs could be dangerous, even deadly.


Last Wednesday evening we hosted another “Unleash Prayer Event” at Seneca Creek. Our focus was the global church. Specifically, those parts of the church that are facing grave danger.

As part of our Celebration Challenge year, we’re taking time every month on the 25th to come together and pray for the church. Last week we spent time praying for:

  • The multi-cultural ministry at Seneca Creek.
  • Our global partnerships with the International Evangelism Center in Tanzania, and the New Life Children’s Home in Guatemala.
  • And MOSTLY, for the most difficult and dangerous circumstances of Christ-followers in countries and cultures where they face severe and life-threatening opposition.

It was a sobering time of prayer for those of us accustomed to the comforts and security of American suburbia.

We prayed for individuals who have been rejected by their families.  We prayed for church leaders who have been arrested, tortured, beaten, imprisoned, or killed.  We prayed for churches that are harassed and terrorized by opposition groups, often with governments that are complicit or unconcerned.  We prayed for families of those who have been abducted because of their faith.

And through it all, we came face to face with this sobering fact: The Christian faith that so many of us profess is dangerous and even deadly in many communities around the world in 2015!  In this season of Lent, of seeking to connect with God and to hear his voice, I hope we can hear him urging us to join with our brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ who need our prayer support more than ever.

If you’d like to join in praying for those who are living out their faith in the face of adversity, you can read their stories and learn how to pray specifically here.

James_Bishop_Mark_NatalieAnd hopefully you can join us this weekend as we welcome Bishop Eliudi Issangya from Tanzania.  It’s always a delightful time when he visits and preaches.

-Pastor Mark

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