Look what else came out of the grave!

flowers from the ground

Our world is full of conflict, hostility, frustration, tension and despair.  And yet, if you read the story of Jesus’ resurrection, one word pops out numerous times: Peace!  It wasn’t just a body came out of the grave.

Real peace also emerged from that dark tomb.

Now when you read the word “peace” in the Bible, know that it’s shaped by the Hebrew word, Shalom.  This is WAY beyond just the absence of hostility.  This is a word that captures the hopes and dreams of all humanity.  It includes the concepts of wellness, wholeness, safety, contentment, health, prosperity and friendship.  In short, it’s “the good life.”

So why is peace connected to Jesus’ resurrection appearances?  Because Jesus resurrection is actually the key to unlocking true peace (shalom).  And if we understand that, we’ll be able to live increasingly WITH shalom in our lives and our community and our world.

We’ve devoted this entire weekend series, “The Day That Changed the World,” to exploring how this all fits together, and how to live with shalom in light of the resurrection.

If you missed last week’s message, “The Day That Changed My Identity,” be sure to listen to it here.  Then join us this weekend, Saturday or Sunday, to take the next steps into a life of genuine peace and shalom.

-Pastor Mark

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