160 reasons to remember last winter


Remember last winter? The cold. The snow. And the more cold. And also there was January. Which is typically a time for…resolutions.

It was a new year, even if it was cold and snowy. And we had visions of becoming a new person. Maybe you wanted to change your career, or your fitness, or your clutter, or your finances.  Maybe you wanted to move to a warmer city! Maybe you wanted to get your spiritual journey back on track. 2015 was gonna be the year, baby!

Now it’s June. We’re almost half-way through the year. Time for a mid-year evaluation. So how’s it going?


I hear you.

But the good news is, there are still six months left.  So right now, while the weather is much better, why not take the next step.

  • Start reading that book you know is calling you.
  • Send an email to the friend you need to reconnect with.
  • Step away from the Cheetos and step out for a walk or run.
  • Ask someone to walk with you on your journey of fitness.
  • Dust off your resume and get it out there.
  • Have that honest conversation about the things that are really bugging you.
  • Put your credit cards someplace where you won’t be able to use them.
  • Put your electronic distraction down and pick up a Bible. Or a journal.
  • Take a prayer walk and let God into your day.
  • Sign up for that opportunity you’ve been pondering.

Whatever it is, take a few minutes today to do it.  Because the year is almost half over.  And your life isn’t getting any longer.  In fact, you have 160 less days than when you made those resolutions in January.

Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” —Psalm 90:12

-Pastor Mark

P.S. What resolution will you restart today? Add your comments in the section below.

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