Science confirms that you can get smarter at Seneca Creek.

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For the last 11 months we’ve been chipping away at a massive challenge: To memorize 25 verses of Scripture in the course of one year.  Now comes the report that this project has the additional benefit of actually making you smarter!

Besides giving you access to God’s wisdom, power and truth when you need it the most, it will literally change your brain, helping you get smarter as you go.

A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine cited “7 Hobbies Will Make You Smarter.”  Included in the list are:

  • Reading (anything). Memorizing scripture begins with reading, so right there you’re on a good path.
  • Testing your cumulative learning. This means reviewing an increasing number of things you’ve learned…which is precisely what we’ve been doing every weekend at our Saturday and Sunday gatherings.
  • Meditation.  This is a natural companion of memorizing, as you take the words of a verse and reflect on them during the day, or during your down time, or as you’re lying in bed trying to sleep.

So as we finish up this year-long challenge, let me encourage you to persevere.  Not only will you have God’s wisdom, power and truth for those crucial times in your life, but you’ll be a smarter person as well.

If you want to review all the verse, click here.  And then join us this weekend for another brief review and a fascinating journey into Jesus’ powerful stories, “Once Upon A Time…There Was A Widow.”

– Pastor Mark

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