Paying the high cost of yesterday’s decisions


It happens every year about this time.  All those care-free, card-swiping, free-wheeling, Christmas gift-buying activities come back to haunt you.  There in the mail is your monthly statement from the credit card company.  OUCH!

The purchasing decisions you made last month have a very real impact on your financial life this month.  And maybe for many more months to come.  You MIGHT even find yourself tinged with a little bit of regret about your decisions last month.  “I KNEW I shoulda stopped opening the Amazon app on my phone!”

Turns out that experience is a lot like life in general.  The decisions (financial, career, relationships, commitments, dietary, leisure, sexual, parenting, scheduling, etc.) from last month/year/decade start to have a real impact on your life today.  And maybe for many more days or years to come.  We often live with the regret of what we did, or did not choose to do in the past.

If you’re ready for something different, I hope you’ll join us during our Winter series, “Living Beyond Regrets.”  Each week we’ll discover practical, biblical guidelines on how to live NOW so that we don’t have regrets LATER.  And how to live differently so that the decisions we’ve already made don’t become an albatross of regret around our daily lives.

If you missed the first two weeks, catch the podcast here, and here.  Then plan to join us this Sunday at 8:30, 10:00, or 11:30.  It’s one decision you definitely won’t regret!

-Pastor Mark

P.S. If you have the day off work next Monday for the Martin Luther King holiday, consider joining us for a community-wide day of service.  You can get more details here.  BREAKING NEWS: As of January 13th, we have over 430 local residents signed up to come to 13 Firstfield and serve in some capacity.  We’ve had to cut off registration for the serving stations.  However, if you’d like to help us offer this day to our neighbors (the 430 plus people), we could still use some assistance welcoming them.  Feel free to show up and check in with the welcome team to see how they can best utilize you for the time you have.

P.P.S. We’re also hosting a blood drive on MLK day from 9 am to 2 pm.  It’s another tangible way to serve.


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