Restoration beats everything else

shutterstock_174659255Sam (not his real name) had a “bad day.” Despite his impressive resume, doctoral degree, successful career and financial security, he snapped and killed his wife.

His life sentence appeared to be a dead-end for his life purpose.  All that talent, education and opportunity flushed down the toilet of regret.

And yet, God is in the restoration business.

Sam had the privilege of meeting a jail ministry volunteer named Rosco (yes, that Rosco…OUR Rosco).  Rosco shared the good news, the HOPE of Christ.  The message of the God of restoration.  And God began to work.

Sam was relocated to a maximum security prison to serve out his sentence.  Rosco continued to encourage him to discover God’s purpose despite his situation.  And recently he reached out to Rosco to share the following:

“I’ve been on a spiritual journey…now I know God’s purpose for my life.  Now I understand the big picture and how all the pieces fit together.  This has eliminated my stress…and increased my contentment.

I pray that everyone experiences the same sense of hope and joy that comes from discovering what God has put them on this earth to do.  God would not give us abilities, interest, talents, gifts, personality and life experiences unless He intended to use them for his glory.  We were born by his purpose and for his purpose!

I understand that God…wants us to be transformed individuals with renewed minds, living to obey him, glorifying his name, magnifying his honor, and praising his power.  Because he wants only what is best for us and he gave his Son to make our new lives possible, we should joyfully give entirely of ourselves as living sacrifices for his service.

We were created to serve God; we were saved to serve God; we were called to serve God; and we were commanded to serve God.  And we serve God by serving others with love and unselfishness.  (emphasis added)

He goes on to thank Rosco for his support and encouragement, recognizing that Rosco was sent by God at the moment he needed him most.

Can God restore a life after a colossal failure?  Sam would say, “absolutely…just look at me.”  Can God still accomplish his purposes after we’ve drifted, wandered, ignored and squandered?  Absolutely.  All that’s required is that we turn and walk back toward God.  And he’ll help us see the big picture, understand our purpose, and live a rewarding life as part of his incredible plan.  As the Bishop reminded us last Sunday, God’s promise still stands:

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.  Jeremiah 33:4

God is in the restoration business.  Let him restore your life for his great purposes.

-Pastor Mark

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