The real, royal option we wrestle with



I was preparing for a Bible study I lead with a small group of guys.  And the story of Jonathan, son of King Saul, jumped off the page at me.  It turns out that his dilemma was the one we all face every day.

Jonathan was the legitimate heir to the throne of his father, King Saul, the first king of Israel.  Except that Jonathan knew that God had someone else in mind.  And that someone else was young David, Jonathan’s combat buddy.  So Jon had a very tough decision.  He could pursue his own path, and become king himself.  Or he could acknowledge that God had someone else in mind to be king over Jonathan.  Don’t think for a moment that wasn’t a hard choice for Jonathan!  To have it all laid out in front of you, that’s a very appealing choice for any of us.  Power, wealth, status, fame, creature comforts, legacy, etc.

Jonathan chose to follow the king that God had anointed.  (NOTE: Check out Jonathan’s life in 1 Samuel 19 & 20)  And much later, God would anoint another king.  The name “Messiah” actually means, “anointed one.”  And the word “Christ” is simply the Greek translation of the Hebrew “Messiah.”

Peter answered, “You are the Messiah [or, Christ], the Son of the living God.”
Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven.”
  (Matthew 16:16-17)

Like Jonathan, we face a decision.  Will we pursue our own path, and be the king of our own lives?  It’s a very appealing option.  Power, wealth, status, fame, creature comforts, legacy…they all beckon our name.  Or will we choose to follow the anointed one?  Will we let Christ be king?  Will we submit to his direction, his plans, his purpose for our lives?

Don’t think it’s an easy choice.  And don’t think it’s a one-time choice.  We’re faced with that choice many times every day.

  • How will we treat the unkind person?
  • How will we speak when offended?
  • How will we spend God’s money?
  • How will we serve the undeserving?
  • How will we care for the body we’ve been entrusted with?
  • How will we use the power of our words?

In all these arenas and so many more, the king that was born in Bethlehem has given us clear instructions.  Will we follow the king?  Or will we exercise our royal option to anoint ourselves and be king of our own lives?

Pastor Mark

P.S. Join us this Sunday evening at 6:00 pm for our annual Seneca Creek Huddle.  We’ll celebrate God’s work over the last year and share what lies ahead in the coming months, including UNLEASH!

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