Five words that will rock the world!


Earlier this month I spoke with someone from Seneca Creek whose life and world were forever changed by five simple words.
The person I spoke with told of growing up in an environment where God was someone to be feared, someone who was on a mission to find sin, to judge, and to condemn.  No relationship, just rules and fear.  Needless to say when this individual finished schooling, they were finished with church and with God.  They went so far as to marry an atheist.  Case closed.

Until the day that someone spoke those five powerful words.  Words that set this person on a course that has transformed their life, their family, and their eternity.  Words that led to a brand new, life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ.  Words that led to a hunger and thirst for more of God, and what he has for this person’s life.  Words that led to a desire to learn, to grow, and to serve.  Words that allowed this individual to cross over from death to life.

And here’s the cool part.  These five powerful words are words that you could speak.  And you could watch them have the same kind of impact on another person’s life, family, and eternity.

What are those words?  Well, you’ll have to come out this Sunday to find out.


Here are the powerful words that can change lives and eternities: I’d like to invite you…

That’s it.  I’d like to invite you.  Then you fill in the rest.  I’d like to invite you:

  • To join me some Sunday.
  • To my church if you’re interested.
  • To come hear some great music and teaching.
  • To bring your kids to something that they’ll really love this weekend.
  • To see what gives me hope in the face of difficult circumstances
  • To make this a December to remember.
  • To a Christmas Eve event for the whole family…

The power of a personal invitation cannot be overemphasized.  The person I mentioned above told me how their next-door neighbor invited them to Seneca Creek.  That was three years ago.  Since then this individual has made a decision to follow Christ, and their life and family will never be the same.  All because of five simple words.

I’d like to invite you…

So this year, as Christmas approaches, I urge you to speak those powerful words to someone you know.  Why?  We believe that Jesus’ invitation is good news that is meant to be shared.  If it helps, pick up some nice colorful invitations on Sunday.  Then invite someone to join you on Christmas Eve.  Or any other time.  Because what you take for granted might be what the other person will take for a lifeline.

-Pastor Mark

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  1. My life was changed when a next door neighbor said those same words for about 6 months. Every week it was “Come to church with me”. I finally went because I liked the neighbor and wanted to stop the requests. The church was such a welcoming church and this neighbor greeted by everyone it seemed. They became my first “Church Family” and it was a great joy in my life.
    Ever since then I started going back to church every Sunday. When I moved to new locations in my life, beside a new house/apartmt & new cable company – I search for a new church home. I’ve got forever friends at each church I’ve been too. SCCC is my new Church Family home here :).

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