What really shaped his legacy?

constant-contact-headerThis past Monday we opened our doors and invited our community to spend time serving others.  It was a huge success, with almost 600 people participating.  And none of it would have happened if…

None of it would have happened if it wasn’t for the 100 plus volunteers who worked behind the scenes for weeks and months.  So thank you to each of our volunteers.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  By serving in this way, you exemplified the legacy of Dr. King.

Without question Dr. King was a man of incredible courage, character, and conviction.  And the reason he possessed those qualities was because his life was powerfully shaped by the Bible, and the message of the gospel that Jesus brought, taught, and lived.  You simply cannot read Dr. King’s writings without recognizing that he knew God’s word, and God’s word shaped his life, his calling, and his legacy.

Here’s my question for you: How has God’s word shaped your life, your calling, and your legacy?

Most of us are not as well-versed in Scripture as Dr. King.  Most of us haven’t spent the time that he did reading, reflecting on, and acting on God’s truth.

But you can do something about that.  And you don’t have to change careers and become a preacher.  You can take a bold step today that will help you begin to read, wrestle with, and embrace God’s word into your life.  What am I talking about?

Converge Groups!

That’s right. Our Converge Groups, (and Rooted Experience) are guaranteed to help you get more of God’s word into your mind, your life, your heart, and your legacy.  You have an opportunity this week to register for one of our brand-new, redesigned Converge groups.  Click here to see the list.

These groups will start next week, and conclude in about 10 weeks.  This is your chance to start out 2017 by following the example of Dr. King.  And God only knows how this could change your life, your character, and your legacy.

-Pastor Mark

Here’s one couple’s story of how Rooted changed their life. It could change yours too if you give it a chance.

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