Easter hangover

I saw an article directed at church leaders with the title of “Surviving the Easter hangover.”  No, it’s not from drinking too much communion wine.
It’s actually about the psychological impact of having everybody attend on one grand Sunday, and then many of them disappearing in unison the next week.  If a pastor’s self-worth and identity are connected with the “results” of how many people attend, then yes, the Easter season is a rollercoaster ride.

But enough about me.  What about YOUR Easter hangover.  I’m referring to the residual impact of the resurrection.  Once Resurrection Sunday is over, does the fact that Jesus came back from the dead have any bearing on your Monday morning, or your Wednesday afternoon, or your Friday evening?  If we really understand what happened, it certainly can have an impact.

Last Sunday we talked about the freedom from fear that the resurrection offers us.  We’re talking about core fears, like the fear of the unknown, the fear of powerlessness, and the fear of not measuring up.  Let me encourage you to take a moment today and think about your life. Are those fears lurking in the shadows? Or even chasing you down during the day?  If so, then you’re not experiencing the residual impact of the resurrection.  But you COULD be. (If you missed last weekend at Seneca Creek, check out the podcast here.)

I love the quote from Lesslie Newbigin, the famous English missionary and theologian.

“I am neither an optimist nor a pessimist. Jesus Christ is risen from the dead.”

In other words, the resurrection impacts everything about our life.

And you’re invited to join us this weekend as we continue with our Easter series with “Freedom From Your Past.”  Because the impact of the resurrection affects even that part of our life.

-Pastor Mark

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