Who’s missing from your life?

Last weekend Nikki Lerner challenged us with three great questions, one of which was this: Who’s missing from your life?

Specifically, as we build bridges into an increasingly multi-cultural world, and a very multi-cultural church, who is missing from YOUR life who could provide you with relationships and insights and understanding that go beyond your own culture and nationality?  None of us has the whole picture. We all have things to learn from those who are not like us.

This reminds me of a conversation we had early this Spring about Searching for Significance.  I shared a four step B.E.L.L. strategy to live a “questionable” life (i.e. a life that causes others to ask questions):

Bless 3 people each week (at least one of whom does not attend Seneca Creek)

Eat with 2 people each week (at least one of whom does not attend Seneca Creek)

Listen to the Holy Spirit at least once a week

Learn Christ once a week (intentionally study the person/life of Christ)

It’s easy to take that second step, “Eat with 2 people this week,” and make that a way to connect with the missing people from your life.

  • It could be someone from a different culture/nationality
  • It could be someone from a race other than yours
  • It could be someone from a different generation
  • It could be someone from a different educational or income status
  • It could even be someone with a different immigration status.

I know that I’ve been enriched over the last years by sharing meals with people of different races, nationalities, generations, and even faiths.  The point is that we will not be able to build bridges if we won’t take the first step of building relationships.  And since everyone’s got to eat, what better way to start?

As a church this is one of our great opportunities.  So let me ask you: Who’s missing from your life?  And how will you begin to include them this month?

-Pastor Mark

P.S. If you missed the chance to submit your question last weekend, we’d still love to hear from you and try to address it.  You can use the comment section below if you’d like.

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