I was hungry and you did what?

(Time sensitive info) “Just because you do good doesn’t mean you get to feel good.”  Ouch!  I heard that phrase from a famous preacher, and I knew instantly that he was right. But thankfully that’s not ALWAYS the case.

Sometimes doing the right thing DOES make you feel good. Case in point: our June food drive at Seneca Creek.  All this month we’ve been collected non-perishable food supplies for Gaithersburg HELP, a local food bank that provides short-term, emergency food relief for families in our community.

Helping to feed the hungry is the right thing to do.  And when we do it, we are filled with the joy of knowing that we’re making a tangible difference for someone made in the image of God, someone who God himself cares deeply about.

Jesus is the one who said, “I was hungry and you fed me…”  “But Jesus, when did we see you hungry?”  “Whatever you did for the least of these my brothers, you did for me.”  (Matthew 25)

But there’s a problem.  The month is almost over, and we’re not even close to our goal of 300 bags.  And in case you’re thinking, “Mark, 300 is a huge number.  Is that realistic?”  Know this, that in 2014 we collected 200 bags, and the following year (2015) we collected 300 bags.  So yes, this is realistic.

As of Wednesday morning, we’ve collected 88 bags of groceries.  That means we only have 212 bags to go!

212 bags of groceries.  And one Sunday left in the month.  Here’s how we can do this.

Every Sunday there are approximately 500 adults who attend one of our three gatherings.  Since approximately half of the adult population is single, that means there are 375 households represented each Sunday.  Let’s suppose that a third of those households are struggling to put food on their own table.  That leaves 250 households that can be expected to participate.  If each of those households brings JUST ONE BAG THIS SUNDAY we will meet and eclipse our goal!

And to get us started, I’ll commit to bringing at least five bags from the Tindle household. Pastor Jeannette and I have each committed to bring 6 bags of groceries this Sunday.  That brings our goal down to just 200!  If you don’t have one of our standard-issue paper bags, then just get one at the grocery store.  It’s only 5 cents.  And bring your bag this Sunday.  Together we’ll fill the local food bank to overflowing, and demonstrate the kind of care that Jesus had for those around him.

“Whatever you did for the least of these, you did for me.” – Jesus

-Pastor Mark

P.S. If you’re wondering what items to purchase/donate, here’s the list that was provided to us by the food bank.

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