Fighting for control

Sometimes life goes sideways. Sometimes the cabin loses pressure at 30,000 feet. How do you respond? Who’s in control at that moment?

It’s easy to say “God is in control” when life is smooth. But when it goes sideways our real beliefs and values show up.

  • Do I believe God is still in control even when I’m not?
  • Am I trusting God in the dark and stormy seasons of life?
  • Or am I really still trying to run everything, or everyone?

The verse we’ve been focused on in our current series is found in John’s gospel, where Jesus makes this promise:

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

In today’s airliners you have no choice but to let the qualified pilot control things. The cockpit door is locked. Unlike modern airliners, the cockpit door of your life is not locked. You’re free to wander back in and grab the controls. But then when things go sideways, when the cabin loses pressure, when someone gets sucked right out of their seat, it won’t be pretty. When life starts to get “out of control” it often becomes painfully clear that we’re the ones trying to maintain control in the first place.

The alternative is the peace Jesus offers. “In me you may have peace.” What does “in me” mean? It means the “me” Jesus was claiming to be, namely the Messiah, or “anointed one.” “In me” means when he is seated at the controls. “In me” means in his kingdom, in his place of rightful rulership, where he is ruling as king of your life.

Most of us will have to struggle over this. Most of us will find ourselves fighting for control. But we don’t need to. There’s a perfectly qualified pilot to sit in the cockpit. And as Jesus pointed out, “in this world you will have trouble.”

Are you fighting for control?

-Pastor Mark

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