Learning to recognize hunger

Would you recognize hunger? Maybe in the face of the person standing at the intersection holding up a sign, or in the desperation of the single mom digging thru her purse for enough to pay for the meager collection of groceries in her cart?

Food insecurity is a real issue for a significant number of people right in our community. We are called to address issues like this as part of living out the life of Jesus. Here’s a reason to celebrate. We accomplished something incredible together! Together we collected 335 bags of groceries for the local food bank, Gaithersburg HELP.

But we can’t overlook the deeper hunger either.

I’m referring to the spiritual hunger that affects a larger and larger percentage of our communities. The sad truth is that people are constantly exposed to all kinds of crazy imitation gospels that are really not the gospel of Jesus at all. After a while, they turn away. They don’t want anything to do with “Christianity.” And they continue to search for something—ANYTHING—to fill that longing in the deepest part of who they are.

  • They will attempt to fill that void with approval of others.
  • Or with accumulating more and more stuff.
  • Or with one exhilarating experience after another.
  • Or with indulging every physical appetite they can imagine.
  • Or with mind-altering substances.
  • Or with the “perfect” marriage or family.

But none of those will do. Because we’re made for more than that. We’re made for genuine connection with our Heavenly Father. The one who Jesus talked about. The one who sent Jesus. The one who calls us to follow in Jesus footsteps.

You might be able to recognize food insecurity. But what about spiritual hunger? Do you recognize is when you see the symptoms listed above? So my challenge to you is this: be on the lookout for spiritual hunger. And when you see it, be willing to offer the only thing that will truly satisfy.

That’s why week after week we offer the H.O.P.E. of Christ, the real good news (a.k.a. the gospel) to any and all.

“I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” – Jesus (John 6:35)

Together we can keep the “spiritual food bank” open 24/7, and reduce spiritual hunger in our communities.

-Pastor Mark

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