What if you could hear God’s voice?

Lily Tomlin once quipped, “Why is when someone says they talked to God we call it prayer, but when that person says God talked to them we call it schizophrenia?”

If you can wrap your head around the possibility of a God, especially a powerful, intelligent, loving God, then the idea that God may communicate with you becomes quite possible.  Furthermore, if you can go along with the idea from the Bible that God actually has a design/purpose/plan for your life, then it’s even more likely he may have something to say to you about your life.

But how would he communicate that?  And would you know it if he was communicating?  Is it possible you might just be listening to your own thoughts?  Or someone else’s thoughts?  Even if you pick up the Bible and begin reading, it’s possible to think God is telling you something specifically, when in fact it’s merely an instruction to a particular person thousands of years ago.

The good news is that you can develop the skill of listening to God’s voice.  You can grow more confident and comfortable sorting out his voice from all the competing voices in your world.  I’ve addressed this on a weekend teaching format here and here, but one of the best ways it to walk thru our Rooted Experience.  Part of that journey is learning and practicing in this exact area.

So if you’ve been wondering about hearing God’s voice, then I would encourage you to consider registering for our Fall session of Rooted.  It begins on September 11th and runs for ten weeks.  You can register here.  Or let me know if you’ve got questions.  We’ve already helped hundreds of people at Seneca Creek connect with God thru this powerful ministry.

And I can assure you, God DOES in fact have important stuff to say into your life.  I hope we can help you hear his voice and live out his purposes for you!

-Pastor Mark

P.S. If you’ve been thru Rooted and have experienced growth in your ability to hear God’s voice, we’d love it if you would share part of that story in the space below.  Thanks!

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