The sermon you’ve always wanted to hear?

Do you enjoy January?  Does it give you that invigorating sense of starting something new?  Do you get all dreamy about what you’re going to do differently this year?  If you’re like me, this time of year seems so filled with opportunity.  Speaking of which, here’s a New Year opportunity for you.

What if you could pick a sermon topic?  If you could choose just one sermon that you’d like to hear preached this year, what would it be?  Maybe some book or passage of the Bible?  Or some hot topic?  Or some favorite verse?  Or some perplexing question that you’ve carried around for decades?

If you’ve got an idea, I’d love to hear what it is.  I can’t promise that I can preach that exact sermon, but I’ll do my best to try to boil down the key ideas and areas of interest.

I know, some will say, “Aren’t you just preaching what people want to hear…doesn’t Jesus warn about that?”  Nope.  I’m preaching the life-changing gospel of Jesus.  But the gospel affects every area of life.  And some of those areas are in greater need of clarity or encouragement than others.  This is simply a way of letting me know where those areas are in your life.

So hit me up on the comments section below, and we’ll chart a course for a life-changing year together!

-Pastor Mark

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  1. What is “fellowship” in 1Jn 1:3-7 and why is it better than “aloneship”? Why is there no such word?
    John uses the metaphors “walk in the light” and “walk in the darkness” in 1Jn 1&2. The metaphors have been used for 2000 years and we assume (a dangerous tactic) that their meaning is obvious. But what is John talking about?

  2. The problem of evil, possible theodicies and how these may inform/alter our understanding of God and our relationship to Him.

  3. With all of the public discourse and national debate on immigration, how about a sermon on what the bible has to say about “immigrants” or “foreigners” and how our Christian beliefs can give us an opportunity to “love thy neighbor”…

  4. Hi pastor Mark, I will like you to teach about tithing.

  5. Stephen C Longley

    Cultivating our ‘household’ – Matt. 13:52/Mark 10:30 – family; SCCC; Rooted alumni – how to “bring forth treasure” – implications of growth — feeding off of the “Gifts that Matter” series, that God provides us with people that may need us and we need to be up for the responsibility.

  6. Bernice Noland

    Hi Pastor Mark, here are topics that I would like to see taught on. Thanks for asking! Why Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to us and how can we know Him as third person and not something spooky, but truly as our guide, helper, comforter, our wisdom, amongst so much more. John 14:26, John 15:26-27 and Chapter 15 of John

    Discipleship – Training men and women how to be disciples of God and using them to equip others to live in this world with God’s biblical perspective and not their own.

    Romans 10:9-21 Why we must preach this gospel after service for those who have not made a decision for Christ. That one day could be the day, that that one person needs to be asked to receive Christ, and it could be their last day and they did not hear, because they were not ask.

    Power of prayer and fasting in agreement with the Word.

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