Spend it while you can

Have you ever signed up for one of those “flex spending” accounts? They’re designed to reduce your overall costs for things like childcare and healthcare.  But there’s a catch.

You’ve got to spend the money within a limited amount of time.  If you don’t spend it before the deadline, you lose it.

Which is kinda like life itself.  We have a limited time in which to spend the gifts God has entrusted to us.  If we don’t spend them before time is up, then the opportunity is lost.  The benefit is squandered.

Did you realize that God has entrusted you with gifts like time, relationships, talents, insights, and even spiritual gifts?  Have you ever thought about the urgency of “spending” those while you have the opportunity?

Something to ponder as we move into the glorious season of springtime here in Maryland.  What is that opportunity that’s calling you?

  • It might be a new initiative
  • It might be a new relationship
  • It might be a difficult conversation
  • It might be a change in your habits (big or small)
  • It might be a turn in the direction of your life
  • It might be a need in someone else’s life that you’re uniquely positioned to help meet

Why not use the resources and assets at your disposal and spend them now while you can?

-Pastor Mark

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