When Jesus becomes your friend forever

Week in and week out, from nursery to fifth grade, our leaders in PowerHouse become the hands and feet of Jesus to our kids. For many of those same kids, this experience becomes the foundation in their spiritual journey and somewhere along the way, maybe it’s in pre-K or kindergarten, second grade or fifth grade, they cross the line of faith and ask Jesus to become their “Friend Forever.”
Now you may be asking yourself, “Why do they ask Jesus to be their Friend Forever?” The answer is quite simple really. They just understand that much easier than saying, “Jesus lives in my heart.” By the way, try explaining how Jesus gets in there to an elementary-aged kid and you’ll know what I mean.
We teach kids that asking Jesus to be your Friend Forever is as easy as the A-B-C’s.
A-Admit that we sin and do wrong things.
B-Believe that God loved us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us on the cross.
C-Choose to live for Jesus and follow Him as the leader of my life.
Why is this so important? Our mission in PowerHouse is “to parter with Parents in leading children to discover a relationship with Jesus and to live out their faith everyday.” On April 28th, 14 kids, came into a relationship with Jesus and asked Him to be their “Friend Forever.” Now that’s something to celebrate!
Here’s just one story of how a life was changed in that moment.
A kindergartner named Harper was one of the 14 kids who made the decision. Her small group leader followed up with her at the end of service and talked with her in more detail. We also had a special opportunity to talk with mom about Harper’s decision and share with her the awesome news! Needless to say, she had a smile from ear to ear. We gave mom some information we created called, “The Big Step,” to help continue the conversation at home just in case more questions came about; that’s the parent partnership piece.
Fast-forward to this past Sunday in PowerHouse…
Our Life App all month in Club 252 (k-5th grade) has been on Perseverance-refusing to give up when life gets hard and the Bottom Line takeaway for the week; “Keep going because of what Jesus did for you.”
Harper’s kindergarten small group was asked this question as a follow up to the lesson they just heard in Large Group, “What was it that Jesus did for us?”  Harper raises her hand without hesitation, and says, “Jesus died for us.” Her small group leader then asks, “Why did Jesus die for us?” Again, without hesitation she confidently says, “Because He loved us.” Is that not a powerful story of how Jesus can change even the littlest of lives in just one moment?
This is just one story of many of how PowerHouse changes lives. PowerHouse would not be the ministry it is without the incredible team of the volunteers who serve each and every Sunday. It’s their love for Jesus, their smiles, hugs, high-fives and the relationships they build that makes PowerHouse a place kids love to come to.
You too can be a part of a kid’s story by serving this summer…Join our PowerHouse Summer Serve Team.  Summer Serve happens every Sunday, from June 23 through September 1.  Every weekend this summer our volunteers will show up and work together to create an awesome environment for kids to learn how they fit into God’s Big Story. Your simple service goes a long way in making a BIG impact in the life of a child.
Volunteer here.

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