3 ways to make your vacation memorable

Are you still looking forward to getting away for a week, or a weekend?  Most of us enjoy the break in our routines, and the chance to relax.  Here are three ways you may not have thought about that can make your vacation memorable (even if it’s a staycation).

  1. Use your free time to connect with God. Maybe you already have a regular habit of reading the Bible and/or prayer.  If so, you know the benefits.  But so many of us find that these habits gets pushed to the side because of all the other demands for our time.  Why not take 15 minutes each day on your vacation and connect with God. It could provide some remarkable insights.
  2. Look for conversations that God may put in front of you. It doesn’t mean you have to become an extrovert, but simply be aware that even on vacation, God is at work in the people around you…and may actually have positioned you in that stretch of the beach, or that cabin, or that coffee shop to listen to someone else’s story.  One simple question like, “what’s been the most challenging part of your year” could be the beginning of an incredible conversation.
  3. Check out a different church service. I’ve noticed that many people use vacation to sleep in on Sunday.  But there’s nothing wrong with getting up and visiting a local church.  In fact, there are a few upsides to it.  First, you could be a huge encouragement to them.  Second, you might learn to appreciate another expression of the church.  And third, you just might pick up some great idea that could be implemented once you return to Seneca Creek.  We’re always looking to learn and grow!

I believe that if you do one or all of these, you’ll take a big leap forward in making your vacation more memorable than it otherwise would have been.

And when you do, I’d love to hear about your experience.  You can share it here, or drop me an email.  And in the meantime, enjoy your summer holidays!

-Pastor Mark

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