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Mabye PRISM is a good thing…


News flash: the government is collecting information about your phone calls and emails.  Maybe that’s a good thing.

Okay, if you’re a civil libertarian or conspiracy theorist, you should stop reading now and start writing your email explaining why I’m off my rocker.  Otherwise, please read on.

I’m not saying this as a politician or historian or legal scholar.  I’m saying this as a pastor.  My concern is to help people connect with the God who made them, and live the life he designed them for.  And what I’ve observed is that we struggle to do both of those because of the secrets we carry.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve wondered, “Why is this person not growing…why are they stuck in their life/faith.”  Only later do I discover they’ve been living with secrets.  And only when those secrets are brought into the light can the person begin to make progress.  A phrase from the recovery movement sums it up well:

You’re only as sick as your secrets.

So as a pastor who wants to help people I know that giving SOMEONE access to what’s inside your life might well be the best thing you could possibly do.  Maybe the federal government, or the NSA, or PRISM is not ideally suited for this task.  In which case, find someone who is.  Join a Converge group.  Seek out a spiritual friend.  Sit down with a church staff member.  And begin to get honest about your life and your secrets.  You’ve been living with that toxic secret long enough.

-Pastor Mark