The Ultimate Reason?

It didn’t make sense. The experts agreed. What this man was asking was unreasonable. There was every reason in the world to turn and walk away. To do what they thought best. After all, they were the experts. They’d spent all their wisdom, all their creativity, and all night trying to get the job done. But to no avail. And along comes this guy who knows better. “Try this,” he suggests. “We’ve already tried it!’ they respond. Probably tried it a hundred times.

But what happens next is a shocker. They try it. They do what the outsider says. Which is not nearly as shocking as the reason WHY they do it. It’s captured in the simple phrase, “because you say so.” Because you say so, we’ll do it. Sounds like blind obedience. Or maybe it’s something more. Maybe it’s not a mindless, blind reason at all. Maybe it’s a reason based on seeing what others failed to see. Maybe it’s the ultimate reason. Maybe it’s a reason based on seeing that the one telling them what to do was wiser than they could imagine. Turns out, he was also right.

Read about it here, in Luke 5:1-11.

So here’s the question. When is the last time you responded to Jesus with these words, “because you say so”?

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